About Generate

Who we are...

We are a network of up-and-coming recreation go getters that exists to build effective future leaders in the recreation industry, create a connected industry and to ensure that our industry is a great place to work.


What we do...

We work at both a localised and national level to provide opportunities for our members to grow, challenges themselves and to connect. We do this through quality events, advocating for our members and building relationships and partners that create an appealing industry. 

Our Vision: More recreation ‘go getters’ thriving for generations to come.

Governance Structure

We are governed and operated by a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee guides Generate NZ to achieve its strategic outcomes, endeavours to support its members to reach their full potential and ensure the recreation industry is thriving with leaders into the future. The Steering Committee is committed to being diverse, inclusive, and representative of the industry. Diversity includes diversity of industry representatives, genders, ethnicities, and geographical location.

Generate NZ Represents

We work for the future benefit of Aotearoa New Zealand’s recreation industry. We support the development and capability build of up-and-coming professionals to reach their full leadership potential, contribute towards building and sustaining an appealing industry and provide a supportive network of connections across a range of avenues.

Generate NZ Members

Our membership is made up of and open to emerging leaders and those new to working and/or being involved with the recreation industry. Encompassing the people, places and organisations across territorial local authorities, regional and national sport trusts and organisations, recreation consultancy and policy makers, and volunteer organisations. Our members may also include those from outdoor recreation businesses, open spaces and facilities/venues and others involved with the delivery or administration of recreation in Aotearoa New Zealand.
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