WEBINAR: Wai Wise Asian

WEBINAR: Wai Wise Asian
Friday 27 October 2023 @12.30 pm

With summer just around the corner water safety is always an increased concern with more people heading to the beach, rivers and pools. If you are interested in aquatics, water safety or are working with Asian populations this webinar will be of interest to you!
Join this webinar to hear from Drowning Prevention Auckland’s Harry Aonga and Madison Chang in a session focused on their work with the Wai Wise Asian programme.
Harry Aonga has worked for Drowning Prevention Auckland for over a decade providing important water safety education to communities in Tamaki Makarau. Harry is of Tongan ethnicity and has a passion for community engagement.

Madison Chang is of Chinese descent and moved from a senior management role at Deloittes in mainland China to New Zealand to enable his family to enjoy the Kiwi lifestyle. Madison has a great passion and energy for community engagement, has served voluntary in numerous leadership roles and has a deep commitment to make a different to the Asian community, keeping them safe when enjoying aquatic environments.
One of the overrepresented groups in drowning statistics are the Asian community. The Wai Wise Asian programme works to address water safety risks specific to the Asian communities, with a focus on safer boating and assessed changes of skills, behaviours, and knowledge.
This webinar will:
  • Provide an overview of the Wai Wise Asian Programme and it’s content
  • Discuss Wai Wise Asian sessions and how they have been co-created with the Asian Community to be specifically tailored to their population needs and risk factors around water
  • Understand the risks associated with Asian communities engaging with aquatic environments and identify ways to mitigate these risks
‘All of us should feel much more confident in the open water now after the Wai Wise Asian program. And we also recognise our responsibility that we should pass this important message to all Asian communities in Auckland’ Wai Wise Asian participant

This webinar is for recreation professionals interested in aquatics, water safety and engaging with Asian communities.

It is free to register, and if you can't make the session, register anyway and we will send you a link to the final recording.


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