Kia Rite Hoea Workshops

Join us online to learn how you can create successful and accessible recreation opportunities for everyone in your community with Kia Rite Hoea.

Do you want to ensure your community has access to the recreation programmes and events they deserve? Kia Rite Hoea is your one-stop-shop resource and training package to running cutting edge, safe and successful community programmes and events.

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover the A to Z of running safe and successful programmes and events
  • Learn how to design programmes and events communities will flock to
  • Receive and workshop with the latest research, information and hot tips
  • Receive tools and templates that work (plus save you tonnes of research and uncertainty)
  • Find out how other projects like yours have been successful

There are THREE sessions available (8 March 2022, 14 June 2022 & 13 September 2022). Your registration fee includes the workshop and the access to the Kia Rite Hoea publication.

Following the workshop you will receive one-on-one coaching to finalise your programme/event plan.

Facilitator: Esther Bukholt

Contact for more information.

First Workshop

Date: Thursday 8 March 2022
Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm
Cost: $95.00 - $120.00 (+GST)
Non-Member Cost: $150 - $185 (+GST)
Register: via Eventbrite

Kia Rite Hoea Train-the-Trainer Course - Starting 8 March 2022

Bring Kia Rite Hoea to your community by becoming a trainer yourself.

Over modules you will learn how to deliver the Kia Rite Hoea resource to your community/in your workplace.

This course is for you if:

  • You would like to build the capability of your organisation and local community in running programmes and events
  • You have at least three years experience running recreation events and programmes in a range of communities/settings
  • You have experience in learning and development workshops for adults (eg coaching a group, mentoring, running workshops or learning opportunities)
  • You are committed to sharing Kia Rite Hoea in your community or workplace

Module Schedule

Module 1 8 March - Kia Rite Hoea workshop (if you have not experienced one)

Module 2 - 22 March - Whanaungatanga, setting your learning objectives for the course, learning styles/TetraMap©

Module 3 - 29 March - Learning styles continued (Honey & Mumford)

Module 4 - 5 April - Identifying and understanding your future Kia Rite Hoea audience, and setting learning objectives using ADDIE and BLOOMS Taxonomy.

Module 5 - 12 April - Preparing and delivering a segment of Kia Rite Hoea to workshop participants, and reflection tools.

Module 6 - 3 May - Designing your future workshops including facilitation plans, promotions, resources and evaluation , access to all Kia Rite Hoea resources and training opportunities.

Cost: $475 + (GST & booking fee)
Register: via Eventbrite


"I learnt lots of new things I didn't even think about - really useful pointers/tips"

"I really appreciate the book and planning sheets, so useful for a small organisation."

"I've taken home a brainstorming session sheet which will really help with the planning of our event and I will be using the resource to check that everything I do is in order."

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