Ignite Workshops

IGNITE recreation and sport opportunities in your communties. Get the latest insights into communities, business planning and leadership. Develop recreation and sport projects for your community and create goal winning business cases. Find out how to get the resources and support you need to make them happen.

This workshop will:
• Create plans for new recreation services that you can implement straight away
• Give you confidence to develop solutions that people will actually want and buy
• Identify options for developing partnerships and funding relationships
• Stimulate and inspire you to develop and try new ways of working
• Help you improve your ROI

This workshop is for you if:
• provide recreation and sport programmes and services
• are working in a new team, facility or community
• have mature programmes in your portfolio and want to stay cutting edge and relevant
• have downtime in your facility or low participation programmes

• Robyn Cockburn, Lumin
• Esther Bukholt, NZRA

How do I get a IGNITE to my community or workplace?
Contact esther@nzrecreation.org.nz, 027 697 2001 to find out more
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