Community Recreation Guidelines

Community Development and Sport New Zealand

A briefing paper on the role of Community Development in achieving Sport New Zealand's strategic outcomes. Download here.

Strategic Plan For Community Recreation

The Developing Community Recreation Strategy was developed with extensive consultation and engagement with the recreation industry over 2007-2008. The strategy is intended to be very much a working document. As such, feedback is welcome at any time. Please contact Recreation Aotearoa with your thoughts.

Developing Community Recreation Strategy

Territorial Authority Best Practice Assessment Tool

Territorial Authorities (TAs) have responsibility for a range of sport and recreation activities. This includes sports fields and parks, reserves and open spaces, playgrounds and play spaces, swimming pools and leisure centres, as well as a range of sport and recreation programmes and services.

We've developed a best-practice guide to help TAs ensure they meet their responsibility to ensure their staff are well equipped, well supported, and have access to good information in order to make sound decisions about their investment in sport and recreation.

Territorial Authority Best Practice Tool and Guide for Sport and Recreation Departments

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