Benchmarking Tool

Sport NZ's free National Facilities Benchmarking Tool, which is managed by Recreation Aotearoa, has been up and running since 2015. To date 24 dry facilities (18% of the total number of dry facilities) and 75 wet/wet and dry facilities (33% of the total number of wet/wet and dry facilities) are using the tool. Our goal is to have all facilities using the tool to make the data more meaningful and ensure that it continue to be available to the sector at no cost.

For those already signed up, reports for 2015/16 are available for viewing on site and the 2016/17 forms are now available for completion at your leisure. Forms for 2015/16 are still available for those that signed up but haven't entered any data yet.

If you haven't signed up yet and want to email with the name of the facilities you want in the system and the names and email addresses of the people who will be inputting the data.

If you are registered to use the tool, here is the link to access it:

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