Aquatic Facility Guidelines

Recreation Aotearoa, representing the Aquatics Industry, recognises that there is a need to have up to date industry standards and guidelines. The Aquatic Facility Guidelines outline current best practice and industry standards, and provide templates and requirements for managers and operators of aquatic facilities.

With support from Water Safety New Zealand and Sport NZ, the guidelines have been updated with contributions and advice from industry personnel.

The scope has been broadened to include a wider variety of aquatic facilities (thermal and spa pools, hospitality and school pools) and special pool features such as hydro slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers.

These guidelines have been produced in electronic form for easy navigation though the information. They contain case studies, templates, examples of signage and links to other sources of relevant information. Managers can download and customise templates to create documents like checklists, normal operating procedures and emergency action plans.

The guidelines are currently being updated and will be available shortly.

Territorial Authority Best Practice Assessment Tool

Territorial Authorities (TAs) have responsibility for a range of sport and recreation activities. This includes sports fields and parks, reserves and open spaces, playgrounds and play spaces, swimming pools and leisure centres, as well as a range of sport and recreation programmes and services.

We've developed a best-practice guide to help TAs ensure they meet their responsibility to ensure their staff are well equipped, well supported, and have access to good information in order to make sound decisions about their investment in sport and recreation.

Territorial Authority Best Practice Tool and Guide for Sport and Recreation Departments

The purpose of the TA Best Practice Assessment Tool is to identify areas of good practice and opportunities for development and improvement across departments with responsibility for sport and recreation so that the investment in sport and recreation is maximised.

It is not intended that the results of the assessment be benchmarked against other TAs. The key value for many TAs will be in doing an initial assessment to establish a current position, developing an action plan and then reassessing at a future date to see the improvements made.

Worksafe Guide To Writing Health & Safety Documents

Worksafe have published a guide to writing health and safety documents for your workplace.

This guide details good practices for how to write health and safety documentation, and is full of useful information and links.

Worksafe Guide to Writing Health and Safety Documents

Guidelines For Aquatic Flooring Surfaces

The selection, design, installation, cleaning and maintenance of flooring surfaces in and around pools is critical to the safety of pool patrons and staff.

The aim of this report is to provide guidelines to the aquatic industry in order that sound and well informed decisions are made by local councils, designers and pool operators in the specification, installation, cleaning and maintenance of aquatic surfaces.

Guidelines for Aquatic Flooring Surfaces

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