Recreation Awards

The Recreation Awards recognise excellence, innovation, and effectiveness of outstanding activity within the recreation sector as well as the achievement and service of individuals whose commitment and contribution promotes the ongoing development and enhancement of the industry.

These prestigious awards have been held annually since 1991, recognising individuals, organisations, programmes, and facilities that have made exceptional contributions to improving recreation and sport for New Zealanders.

Nominations for the 2019 awards are now open. Download your nomination pack below:

Nominations close on 4 October 2019.

This year, we want to see more supporting evidence with your nominations in the form of videos and photos. You can send us video filmed on a mobile phone - it's not about the quality, it's about seeing the person/project in action! The awards categories are as follows:

Individual Awards

  • Emerging Recreation Leader of the Year
  • Ian Galloway Memorial Cup (Outstanding commitment to Parks)
  • Paul Stuart Memorial Award (Outstanding commitment to Facilities)
  • Mark Mitchell Memorial Trophy (Outstanding commitment to the wider recreation industry)
Outstanding Awards
  • Outstanding Community Recreation Programme
  • Outstanding Event
  • Outstanding Park
  • Outstanding Pool
  • Outstanding Project
  • Outstanding Recreation Facility
  • Outstanding Research, Planning, and Policy Award


The 2018 Recreation Awards were presented on 25 October during the Awards Dinner at Recreation Conference, which was held at Pullman Hotel in Auckland from 24- 26 October.

A full list of award winners is available below.

Download a full list of previous year's winners

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