Submission on enduring stewardship of Crown pastoral land

Recreation Aotearoa has long-held concerns around issues of public access to and across Crown Pastoral land during the Tenure Review process.

In 2016, we wrote a letter to the CEO of Land Information New Zealand which included the following:

"…..the tenure review process does not adequately maintain or enhance access to areas of recreational interest, that was otherwise available when the farms were leasehold. This perception was held by hunters, trampers, people interested in fishing, outdoor education providers and to a lesser extent, those interested in kayaking.

….we also note that the consultation partners in stage 2 are asked to make comment on protection which seems to imply values associated with biodiversity and ecosystems, not recreational access. We also note that when considerations of easements and public access are considered by LINZ, there are no specific consultation partners mentioned."

Additionally, in 2016 Recreation Aotearoa wrote to various Conservation Boards expressing:

"It is our belief that there may have been cases of tenure review being tacitly approved by various Conservation Boards, without adequate credence and provision given to recreational access to Public Conservation Land beyond the freehold farm land. While we recognise that in almost all cases, DoC has sought to include an easement of some form, these are often only convenient to the farmer and not the recreational user.

We encourage all Conservation Boards involved in the tenure review process to pay particular care when considering proposals, to ensure that the access interests of the community are provided for and that we can all enjoy reasonable access to our Public Conservation Land."

As such, Recreation Aotearoa has submitted that improving access for Outdoor Recreation on Crown pastoral lease land should be a central outcome of this review.

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