DoC Plans and Strategies

NZRA contributes regularly during public consultation when DoC is formulating National Park Management Plans and wider Conservation Management Strategies. These Plans and Strategies are generally revised every 15-20 years, but due to their quantity there are usually one or two being consulted upon at any given time.

NZRA generally seeks to advance the interests of the Outdoor Recreation and Outdoor Education sector, by referring to the Conservation Act of 1987, which dictates that while carrying out the Conservation management of 1/3 of NZs land mass, the Department should FOSTER recreation, but only ALLOW for Tourism.

Like many of our representations to policy and decision makers in Wellington, we try to make the point that most decisions are not a simple trade-off between the environment and economic development. Recreational interests are another dimension and in most cases are complementary to environmental AND economic interests.

To give us your views on this issue, contact our Advocacy Manager.


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