Recreation Aotearoa Submission on the Crown Pastoral Land Reform Bill

Many members in the South Island will be familiar with how important Crown Pastoral (lease) Land is for accessing the South Island High Country. It makes up 5% on NZ's land mass and is highly valued for its intrinsic recreational opportunities, as well as its role in accessing Public Conservation Land beyond it. As far back as 2016, Recreation Aotearoa members have been expressing concerns about reduced access in this realm.

In early 2019 LINZ undertook a review of its stewardship of Crown Pastoral Land, which Recreation Aotearoa contributed to (submission available below). In the years prior to this consultation, Recreation Aotearoa had written to several Conservation Boards, expressing our concerns about the Tenure Review process, which has subsequently been halted.

In July 2019, the Government introduced the Crown Pastoral Land Reform Bill (2020) into the house. The bill ends tenure review and redesigns the legal framework with the intention of improving Crown Pastoral Land outcomes. Recreation Aotearoa has made a written submission to the Select Committee Stage of this legislation submission available on our website or upon request) and appeared before the Environment Select Committee in March to make its oral submission. It is our sincere hope that Outdoor Recreation interests are advanced and protected by way of this reform.

Read the full submission here: Recreation Aotearoa Submission on the Crown Pastoral Land Reform Bill

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