Behind the scenes consultation with Government

Due to the fact that NZRA has been such a regular submitter to DoC and other Government department consultations, we have been increasingly consulted by various arms of government on the formulation of plans and policies, outside and before the usual public consultation processes.

We are regularly asked to weigh in prior to the writing of draft National Park Management Plans and Conservation strategies. DoC has also asked NZRA for its views on its new Visitor Strategy and the selection of a new Great Walk.

Other examples include MBIE asking us to weigh-in on the National Tourism strategy and the implementation of the Tourism levy. It is a privilege to be included in these conversations in the early stages. NZRA seeks to build on this trust by offering free, frank and dispassionate advice as to how the interests of the Outdoor Sector can be enhanced.

To give us your views on this issue, contact our Advocacy Manager.


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