INSIGHTS: Equity and Leisure

While NZ is chock full of opportunities for quality recreation, some people don't ever get the chance to sample any of them.

One in seven New Zealand households live in poverty. Almost one third of NZ children are raised in poor households, and distinct groups of New Zealanders are more likely to live in poverty than others. For people living in these households, the many barriers to participation in leisure activities range from the intrapersonal to the societal. Some barriers are easier to address than others.

There are many approaches to addressing lack of access - reducing cost barriers, reviewing policy, co-designing programmes, and developing working partnerships with relevant support organisations.

To find out more about who's missing out, and what you can do to ensure more equitable access to recreation, read the Insights paper 12: Equity and Leisure

What's next?

Working with a network of thought leaders in the sector, the Recreation Aotearoa Insights Team have a programme of publications in development.

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