INSIGHTS: Family Violence, Workplace Safety & Care

One in three women and one in five men have experienced physical or sexual abuse. NZ Police attend one family violence incident every 4 minutes, and the numbers of those reporting incidents increase annually. Family harm affects New Zealanders from all social backgrounds and its impacts extend into all aspects of their lives - including the workplace.

The Domestic Violence - Victims' Protection Act (2018) clearly outlines employers' obligations for leave, workplace safety and contacting specialist organisations. Employers and colleagues need to be aware of the signs, what to do, where and how to seek help - and how to avoid discrimination towards employees impacted by family harm.

In this latest issue of Insights, we explore some of the impacts of family harm on women in the workforce and give an overview of the Act and its implications, as well as links to specialist organisations, resources and training.

What's next?

Working with a network of thought leaders in the sector, the Recreation Aotearoa Insights Team have a programme of publications in development.

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