INSIGHTS: Community Led Development

Powerful change can result from community-led development. Change may emerge from disaster in unexpected ways such as the Canterbury CityCare/Student Volunteer Army Partnership, or result from a simple twist of fate - when a space in a low-decile Lower Hutt school became available for growing food. This opportunity seeded the Community Unity Project.

This issue of Insights uses case studies that reflect Recreation Aotearoa's Community Recreation Approach and the Community Led Development principles in action. They provide a framework for acting on what matters locally, and demonstrate how good community initiatives grow and change in response to its community's needs.

In this issue of Insights, no 7 in the series, we discuss Community Led Development principles and explore the two case studies that reflect those principles in action.

What's next?

Working with a network of thought leaders in the sector, the Recreation Aotearoa Insights Team have a programme of publications in development.

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