Aquatic Facility Design in the 21st Century

INSIGHTS: Aquatic Facility Design in the 21st Century

Spaces that inspire people encourage participation in active recreation. Creating aquatic facilities that really work for their users - and keep on working - is a big challenge. People now seek experiences far beyond the basic swim, so the facility needs to be appealing, flexible in use, offer a variety of ways to be participate, be well-located and efficient. Facilities must also last the distance and be accessible to all. In the design process there are a whole range of considerations, including of course the needs of the community.

In this issue in our Insights series, Alex Head from Warren and Mahoney Architects shares some insights into international best practice in aquatic facility design. We check out the unseen principles of building science that help to create fantastic aquatic facilities. Examples of recent builds where these principles are applied are included, such as Taiora QE ll sports facility in Canterbury and the new Wanaka Recreation Centre.

What's next?

Working with a network of thought leaders in the sector, the Recreation Aotearoa Insights Team have a programme of publications in development.

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