Active Advocacy

INSIGHTS: Active Advocacy

We need to talk about recreation. We value how we provide recreation opportunities - but talking about the many benefits of participation in recreation is crucial to our success.

Advocacy links our work into government policy, helps to provide a profile for the industry, and offers insight into the inherent value of recreation and the potential return on investment. Advocacy is about influencing people's perspectives on recreation at all levels, from government and funders, through to community level - and it's a key role of Recreation Aotearoa.

All of us have the opportunity to make submissions on recreation-related issues, on everything from government strategy to local community plans. Many good quality information sources outlining the benefits of recreation participation can be mined to support submissions.

In this Insights Paper #10, we explore the many ways you can be heard in the submissions process. We identify key steps to being a good advocate, and overview some of the recent advocacy work undertaken by Recreation Aotearoa. Talk about recreation!

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What's next?
Working with a network of thought leaders in the sector, the Recreation Aotearoa Insights Team have a programme of publications in development.

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