Fellowship Award

The award of Fellow of the New Zealand Recreation Association (Recreation Aotearoa) is granted to members who are regarded as having made a significant contribution to the purpose, aims and work of Recreation Aotearoa. The award calls for an outstanding and sustained contribution.

List of Fellows of the New Zealand Recreation Association

  • John Allen
  • Gordon Bailey
  • Dr Kay Booth
  • Robyn Cockburn
  • Jamie Delich
  • Bevan Grant
  • Rob Greenaway
  • Graeme Hall
  • Richard Hollier
  • Alan Jolliffe
  • John Latimer
  • John Mills
  • Robin Pagan
  • Garry Page
  • Bill Steans
  • Bruce Stokell
  • Neil Tonkin
  • Dr Digby Whyte
  • Chris Rutherford
  • Peter Watson
  • Mark Bowater
  • Joe Griffin

All nominations must be made through Recreation Aotearoa Regional Committees. For any enquiries, contact the appropriate Regional Committee Chair.

Awarding of Fellowship is a Recreation Aotearoa Board decision and will be made on the merits of the nomination against the criteria below:

Judging criteria for the Fellowship Award:

The following criteria will be used by the Recreation Aotearoa Board for judging the Fellowship Award. A weighting of x 1.5 is applied to criteria 1 and 4 to reflect their greater importance. The nomination MUST respond to each of the judging criteria under the criteria heading (e.g. 1-6). This allows the Recreation Aotearoa Board to effectively score the nominations.

  1. Relevant voluntary/unpaid work for Recreation Aotearoa, their sector, region or wider industry (NB. x1.5). This could be on the Recreation Aotearoa Board, Awards or Accreditation committees, conference organisation, conference and/or professional development presentations, regional committees or other groups that assist Recreation Aotearoa deliver activities and outcomes.
  2. Contribution to leadership and/or mentoring roles, either paid or unpaid within their sector, region or wider industry.
  3. Landmark projects/initiatives the nominee has contributed to within their sector, region or wider industry.
  4. Length of membership with Recreation Aotearoa or its predecessor organisations. (NB. x1.5)
  5. Relevant qualifications, awards and recognition previously gained by the nominee.
  6. Perceived mana within their sector, region and/ or wider industry.

Preparing your Nomination:

  • The nomination should be no longer than four single sided A4 pages (excluding the cover form above). Please use Arial font, no smaller than 10 point.
  • The nomination must respond to each of the judging criteria under the criteria heading.
  • The nomination must include a photograph of the nominee.
  • The nomination must include the signature of agreement of the person nominated and details of the regional committee nominating the individual for the award.

Important note: nominations must be made through regional committees.

Completed nominations for Fellowship Awards should be emailed to your regional committee chair for assessment by the relevant regional committee. Nominations must be signed off by the regional chair before a judgement is made by the Recreation Aotearoa Board on whether a Fellowship Award will be presented.

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